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    Sink Foutain

    Don't toss out that old sink just yet. Instead, grab it and stick it in your yard with this clever way to turn old sinks into backyard fountains. Start networking with family and friends who may be renovating, or go to flea markets and salvage places to find just the right sink for that outdoor fountain. Fill it with all your leftover china, or create your own look using various other items.


    **Note....The concept for the setup is simple. You will place a fountain pump in the bottom of your sink and route the water from the pump so that it pours out the faucet. The following supply list needs to be adapted to suit the type of sink, fittings, faucet, and pump you are using.

  • Old sink suitable for making a fountain
  • Brass fitting to fit faucet hole in the back of the sink
  • Plastic fittings to fit into metal fittings of sink
  • Plastic tubing to fit pump
  • Plastic adaptors for tubing
  • Mounting brackets to hang sink
  • Old dishes, plates, bowls to cover pump in the sink
  • Submersible pump with adjustable water flow
  • Corks or plumbers putty
  • Plastic sink plug

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    Attach Tube

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    Place Pump

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    Step 7

    Hide Pump

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