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Step 1: Sharpen

Take a small stick and place it in a manual pencil sharpener to make a nice sharp point. (the old manual type pencil sharpeners work well because they have different size holes to sharpen from)

Step 2: Dip

Dip the pointed end of the stick into some ink and use it to make designs on your artwork. (the small leftover glass air freshener bottles work well as a vessel for holding ink)

Step 3: Write

Use these pointed sticks as a writing tool. They can also be turned into a scribing tool for your paints.

Note: If you would like to put different tips on the sticks, use a pocketknife to whittle the ends into different widths.

Step 4: Build Tools

Tape or rubber band different elements to the ends of the sticks. These make great art brushes that will give texture and design to your art projects. Use natural elements such as tree foliage, grasses or feathers.

Step 5: Look Around

Another place to find unique elements to attach to the sticks for interesting strokes and designs are things from the kitchen. For example, a small piece of a mesh produce bag can make an interesting tool.

Note: Fold and wrap the bags to get different designs.

Step 6: Stamp

Find an interesting rock and use it for stamping with your paints. Rocks also work well as stands for resting your art tools to keep a clean work surface.

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