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    DIY Baby Sling

    The simplicity of the Sling style baby carrier makes it and the wrap the most popular DIY 'models' for people to tackle themselves.


    2 to 2 1/2 yards of Breathable Woven Material that doesn't have right/wrong sides since both will be visible when wearing.

    (2) 3-inch rings (plastic or metal)
    There is a product called 'sling rings' for this purpose that you can buy, as well. Metal ones can be a bit heavier and some would rather have a more lightweight option with PVC or durable plastic.

    Sewing Machine

    Step 1

    Cut Fabric to...

    Step 2

    Folding Pleats

    Step 3

    Run Pleats...

    Step 4

    Run Tail Thru...

    Step 5

    Baby Sling...

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