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    Create Your Own Essential Oils

    Tom from Aura Cacia shared a simple at home distillation process to create your own 'essential oils' using fragrant plants from your garden. Lavender, Mints, Geranium, and Rose are good ones to experiment with. The oil concentration is much less, but the fragrant water can be enjoyed and used just the same.


    Fragrant plant parts to extract oil from

    (Herbs, Florals, etc.)

    Tom used Geranium for this Demonstration

    Large Metal Pot with lid

    Two small ceramic bowls



    Spray bottle or glass jar with lid

    Visit Aura Cacia online for more information on essential oils and to take advantage of their incredible library of aromatherapy recipes.

    Aura Cacia Recipes.

    Step 1

    Pan Setup

    Step 2

    Add Plant...

    Step 3

    Add Lid to Pot

    Step 4

    Add ice to lid

    Step 5

    Siphon water...

    Step 6

    Collect what's...

    Step 7


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