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Step 1: Stencils

Use ready-made stencils or create your own using the computer for your letter patterns.

Step 2: Spray Letters

To apply letters directly to material, attach stencil to material using spray adhesive and then go over it with spray paint. Spray paints tend to be durable and will also wash up nicely on your fabrics. Darker paints on lighter fabrics works best.

Step 3: Appliqués

Create letter appliqués out of fabric. Experiment with layering different patterns and color combinations.

Step 4: Stitch Letters

Stitch fabric letters onto material or make them interchangeable by adding snaps or Velcro. We used a ‘crazy’ stitch and just stitched randomly all over the letters using the sewing machine to secure and create somewhat of a quilted look.

Step 5: Easy text talk bracelets

Apply lettering to leather bracelet blanks by either wood burning or using leather tooling stamps to create another wearable text talk accessory.

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