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Step 1: Cut

Cut the fabric into two pieces that measure 10-inches by 18-inches and notch the corners.

Note: Work with a heavier type of fabric like canvas or upholstery weight fabric. You can also repurpose materials like curtains, tablecloths and such.

Step 2: Strap

Create a strap for your bag by cutting a 13-inch strip of the same fabric. Place the right sides of the bag together and pin the strap to the inside at one end.

Step 3: Stitch & Fill

Stitch around three sides leaving the end opposite your strap open so the bag can be filled with sand. Use an upholstery weight thread and a tight straight stitch. Turn it right side out and fill with about 10 pounds of clean play sand. Can also use rice or dried beans, if desired.

Step 4: Close

Turn ends under, pin and stitch closed.

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