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Step 1: Remove Back

Take an old pair of denim jeans and cut out the backside, cutting evenly along the seam.

Step 2: Open Seam

Open up the seam to the zipper and lay flat to stitch.

Step 3: Cut Strips

Take the backside of the jeans and cut out four straps that will measure 12-inches long by 2-inches wide. Fold over and stitch flat.

Step 4: Add Strips

Stitch two strips to each of the legs on the backside of your jeans. One 8 inches from the bottom and another 18-19 inches from the bottom.

Step 5: Add Belt

Use men’s neckties for the belt for your garden chaps, run the tie through the loops of the jeans and stitch in place.

Note: *You can combine different ties to lengthen the straps when needed.

Step 6: Create Pockets

To create pockets, open the larger part of the neckties and stitch to the front of your chaps.

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