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Step 1: Cabinets

All cabinets will be reworked, reconfigured and redesigned to be used in the new space. The re-design, in part, is being inspired by what all we have to work with from the original space.

Note: Cabinets Before

Note: Cabinets Uninstalled

Step 2: Drywall

We removed one wall to open the space and some of the drywall that was removed found its way to a construction recycling center. All reusable pieces of drywall were cut down into manageable sizes and put in the studio to use as canvases for future paintings, artwork and sample boards. (Drywall scraps make wonderful surfaces to paint, decoupage or carve on. Great leftover material to be considered for art projects.)

Step 3: Linoleum Flooring

Most of the linoleum flooring was secured to the plywood baseboards with an adhesive, so it was cut out in sections using a circular saw to remove. We saved some to use as work mats in the workshop and art studio.

Step 4: Lumber

Any wood that came out of the space was de-nailed and ready for re-use. This included the wood from the wall that was removed, all trim work and baseboards.

Note: 2x4's salvaged from wall

Note: Removing nails

Step 5: Electrical

Any of the original wiring and electrical boxes that were removed in the deconstruction (and was in good condition) was reused as the electrical needs were reconfigured to accommodate the new design and placement of outlets, lighting, etc

Step 6: Plumbing

Some of the plumbing that had originally been in the wall for an old laundry room needed to be removed. The spigots and pipes were detached and prepped for reuse. They will get repurposed for trellis work and watering units in the garden.

Step 7: Miscellaneous

Hardware, staples and nails were also looked at with resourceful eyes. Some will find their way into art projects and metalwork.

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