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Step 1: Cut Legs

Traditional height for a sofa table is around 30 inches high. The legs are repurposed off of an old kitchen table and were too long, as is. We cut them down to 17" long to get our table to the desired height. These will be installed in each corner of the underside. Cut your legs off at the bottom and make your cuts as straight as possible so the table sits level. This cut can be done on a miter saw or by hand. You can make leveling adjustments by sanding and with the addition of adjustable sliders.

Step 2: Attach Option 1

There are a couple of ways to attach the legs. You can attach the legs to each corner by directly screwing into each leg from the outer edge of the table. This method will make the screws visible, unless you recess them and then fill with plugs or wood filler.

Step 3: Attach Option 2

Another way to attach the legs is by using a pocket hole jig, which will hide the screws. Mark your legs where you will be placing the screws and place your pocket hole jig over your marks and clamp down into place.

Step 4: Using Jig

Using the jig's accompanying drill bit, drill your holes. Do this on the two sides of each leg that will not be butted against the corner of the table.

Step 5: Glides

Before you attach the legs, it's a good idea to install furniture glides to the bottom of each. They will help level things out and protect the floors.

Step 6: Attach Legs

Change out your drill bit to install your pocket hole screws. Place screws into the holes and attach the legs.

Step 7: Flip

Flip it over and you have yourself a new sofa table.

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