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Step 1: Disassemble

Disassemble your fixture. You'll want to make sure and note how the pieces connect and in what order so you can re-assemble properly. It's never a bad idea to lay them out in the order you remove them on a piece of paper and then number or letter them.

Step 2: Rewiring

The light we are rewiring has five sockets. No two lights are going to be exactly the same but the concept for rewiring is. If you pay close attention to the wires that are there and how they're configured, just keep in mind that all you are doing is replacing them. All lights have two wires coming in and attaching to each socket. Loosen the wire nuts that are in the center of the fixture and set them aside because you can reuse them again.

Step 3: Remove Wiring

Use a screwdriver and loosen all the sockets. Measure enough cord to fit in all the sockets and up the middle of the light. A helpful tip for feeding the new wiring through is to attach it to the old wiring with electrical tape, as you are pulling out the old it will feed the new wiring through.

Step 4: Pull Apart Wires

Pull the new cording apart down the middle where the socket will be reattached. This will give you a hot wire and a neutral wire to hook to the new sockets. You will recognize the hot wire by the lettering on only one side of the cord. The other side is your neutral.

Step 5: Peel

Take your electrical pliers and peel off enough of the coating to expose the wires to wrap around the screws on the bottom of the socket. Do this to the hot wire and also the neutral wire.

Step 6: Sockets

On the bottom of each socket there will be a gold brass screw and a silver screw. Attach the hot wire to the brass screw by twisting it around the screw in the same direction that you will be tightening it. Twist the neutral wire around the silver screw. Tighten them down with a small screwdriver. Line up the holes in the sockets and tighten those. Do this to all of the sockets on your light fixture.

Step 7: Twist Wires

Now, take the other end of the wires and peel off the coating to expose the wire just like we did for the socket end. Attach all the hot wires together by twisting the ends together. Attach all the neutral wires by twisting their ends together. The only thing you have to be concerned with is that hot wires get attached to each other and neutral wires get attached to each other.

Step 8: Middle Wire

Now that we have all of our sockets wired we need to run our middle wire. Feed the wire down the middle of the fixture and once it's through peel off some of the coating on the hot wire and the neutral wire.

Step 9: Wire Nut

Attach the hot wire to the other hot wires and place a wire nut back onto them. Do the same with the neutral wires.

Step 10: Finish

Running the other end of the wire through all your fixture parts it will reassemble the light. Assemble each part separately. If you have a chain on the fixture you can run the wire through the chain.

Step 11: Enjoy

There you have it, my have just rewired a light. Use it proudly!

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