This jewelry pendant  was inspired by the wishbone tug of war I had with my brother recently.  

Makin’ em, Grantin’ em, Receivin’ em…….I’m really more about the attempts and actions that go into things than the wish itself, but it’s still fun to play and imagine.


  • Find a branch that suits your ‘wishbone’ style.
  • Trim to size
  • Sand lightly.
  • Sand a small area of the branch more aggressively to remove the bark and reveal the lighter center.
  • Woodburn your word inside the lightened area
  • Wax for a smooth finish.
  • Drill a hole through the center using a 1/16″ drill bit
  • Add beads or other findings and hang from your desired necklace chain.
  • Wear proudly!

Cheers to all the creative joy a single branch can bring.


  1. Katy Belt says:

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  2. Rachel says:

    This is so pretty! I can’t wait to make one myself. I just came across this via a link on CraftGossip. I would love to link to this as well if you didn’t mind.

  3. Jeanne Clarke says:

    What a lovely idea- first thing tomorrow I will be scouring the hedgerows for twigs. Who needs gold !! Congraturations Michele

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