What sights in your life make you smile?  The things that you just happen to pass by or notice?  I have a lot and new ones get added every day.  Some are fixed, some are temporary, some pop up out of no where, some are quirky and unexpected, some are all about timing and being at the right place to catch them when they happen.  I’m grateful for every one that my eyes absorb…and once you tune in, you recognize them instantly, you appreciate the trigger and you can’t wait for the next one…..

Here are a few of mine from the past couple days….

visitors on the pond….


caught mabel cuddling up with samantha….TOO cute!


rusty things…

rusty things

the sign outside my studio…something I rarely do! ::)

please follow instructions

making something out of nothing…log slices and recycled chain


moss…the only bright spots of green during autumn


my collection of heads that are scattered here and there…these friendly faces bring a smile every time I pass by….


my daughter and her crazy arrangements…a nail polish line-up and their chocolate chip companions…..

daughter polish lineup

the geese that drop by…some years your pond’s not worthy, some years it is

geese on pond

the pets that stick their nose in everything….always make ya smile….

junie b

What sights brought a smile to your face today?  Capture ’em when you can, or just simply savor the grin.  Remember, it’s the frowns that age you and the smiles are what will keep you young. 



  1. Michele says:

    Thanks, all! It’s definitely the little things…and I’m all for racking up as many smiles as I can get in a day! Slow, simple days are a new sought after ‘luxury’…for me, at least! Cheers!

  2. nan beach says:

    Now if this doesn’t motivate people to slow down and enjoy life a little more I don’t know what will. I am taking my camera with me for the weekend and seeing what I can capture. I will give my oldest son his camera and we can compare. What a great activity. So simple you wonder why in the heck I don’t think of doing it more often.
    If we can’t enjoy the simple, finer things in life we are really in trouble.

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