pile in the woods


maddies house

The days I feel the most alive and vibrant are the ones where I’m actually able to spend the entire day outside working on things. Ever since I was a kid helping my dad out on the river or my grandpa at his campground….nature-filled days are guaranteed to keep spirits high!  Can’t explain it and not sure if that’s the experience for everyone, but for me personally, it’s a natural, energy-boosting, mood enhancer unlike anything else.  We recently spent the day cutting down fallen trees and replenishing our firewood supply.  During the colder months, our fireplace is going every day so we’re trying to be a little better prepared this year.

We chopped, hauled and stacked and finally got around to creating some stringers to replace the old wooden pallettes.




Madeline had a great time building a hut that enticed a butterfly for a visit, and then we finished off the afternoon with a little fishin’ and paintin’.  


pile w butterfly

maddie fishes

painting on doc

Maddie and Jon threw their poles in the water and I worked on a painting on the dock and watched them.   At the end of the day I had that really productive feeling that can be rather addicting.   We need to spend a couple more days on the firewood task to get the supply where it needs to be, but we got a good jump on things.  The fireplace allows us to keep the thermostat down low, and I love the atmosphere it generates in the house.   We pull out our game trays and usually eat dinner in front of the fire most nights.   Madeline loves to help get it started and then Mabel the cat rushes in to get a front row seat.   Even on the challenging days, it warms the heart and always puts things in perspective. 

games infront of fire


Some firewood fun:  

Proof that everything in life can be approached with creative flair….and I’m ashamed to admit it, but I NEVER thought about doing a……woodpile sculpture.

This artist did and you can find out more about his natural masterpiece here:

And some other interesting tidbits:

Leaving a small log pile in the woods or by your garden provides a wildlife habitat and a suitable place for things to hibernate.  

The best wood for burning is Hardwood.

Stacks dry best if they’re no higher than four feet.  

A standard cord of wood has a volume of around 128 cubic feet or a neatly stacked pile that measures 8 feet long by 4 feet wide by 4 feet high. 

An average cord produces the same heat energy as around 5,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity.  

1 gallon of propane gas equals about 14 and a half pounds of wood

100 cubic feet of natural gas equals about 14 pounds of wood

Cheers to the  ‘hearty’ roar of a fire!


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