behind bars 

I admit…as I look out the window and see things starting to die back, becoming bare and less colorful, it’s kind of depressing.  It saddens me to know that the greenery, the blooms, the produce is all coming to an end.  At the same time, I guess it’s not really the ‘end’ for all things.  The annuals, yes, it’s the end of the road for them…I will not be seeing them again in the spring, unless I plant new.   And the evergreens…well, hence the name, they’ll be holding strong. But the trees, the perennials, the grasses…they’re just winding down to take a break. 

fallen leaves

dying back2

hint of yellow

A break that I too have come to look forward to and appreciate each year because it also gives me an opportunity to regroup.  A chance for a fresh start on some things, a chance in a few months to do it over and do it better.   I get relieved of some of the time-consuming, daily duties like watering, weeding, deadheading, mowing, trimming, etc. and I have the opportunity to use that time for other creative things. Even though those two hour daily duties will get replaced with different ones, there’s still this quiet, relaxing vibe in the air…and I’m going to enjoy it and look forward to the change of pace! I hope all of you do, TOO!


Cheers to ‘changing’ things up for the season(s).


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