stone steps

When you don’t build your home from the ground up doing everything exactly as you had ever dreamed or envisioned, (and can afford::)) you take your pre-existing purchase and gradually work at it, making changes as you can.  That’s the road I’ve been traveling for the past several years and it’s been fun trying to make things work. My road is also the one that’s usually less traveled because I like to do things my own way and sometimes those are ways that I get told “won’t work”.  (A statement that just ignites the can-do spirit in all of us non-followers)  All new additions as of late have been done using salvaged, repurposed things.  Repurposed brick on the exterior..salvaged wood trim on the interior and most recently a natural touch to the entranceway.  I didn’t want steps of wood, or concrete, or tile or anything else that would be uniform and contrived.  I instead wanted the entranceway to resemble a natural stairway you’d find in the mountains or on a trail; something that looked as though it has been there as long as the earth below the house.   Yes, I received a little resistance on the was even hard for some to grasp.  I heard things like “isn’t that going to be hard to clean in the wintertime”…”it’s going to be difficult for people to walk on”…. practical concerns that we did think about…for about 2 seconds…and went ahead with staggering and tiering pieces of limestone at the front door.   It’s exactly as I had envisioned…and I love every step I make over it.  It feels good, it looks good, and it’s another beautiful reminder of all that nature has to offer.  Try it on for size at your place!  (And, I’m happy to report the snow can be cleared and no one has fallen or not been able to make their way into the house! ::)

stone steps cu

I’m going to take a stab at stirring up some moss from the woods with yogurt or buttermilk and see if I can get it to grow amongst the cracks….(anyone had great success with this…best time of year to do it?!)

stone steps maddie

Next addition…a living tree INSIDE! :):) I don’t exactly live in the ideal climate for this one, but we’ll see what we come up with!

Cheers to fun, natural additions!


  1. meghan says:

    beautiful entryway.. I love the natural look of it. make me want to over haul our entryway and our patio space.
    I just received my package and I Love the bags!! can’t wait to put them to good use.

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