listen up, friends!

This Saturday (8/1) marks the on-air launch of our new series b. organic on public television. First up….. is IOWA Public Television, Saturdays at noon (cst) with an evolving rollout on other public television stations nationwide, so check local listings. To celebrate our grassroots effort online, we will be introducing all kinds of naturally good things to our website to encourage all of you to join in on the fun, as well. Starting Saturday, August 1, we’ll be doing weekly blog giveaways, so mosey on back and get the exciting deets. I promise to keep things simple and interesting.
Anyone who knows me knows that this won’t be your traditional ‘organic’ show and we won’t be going about things in typical, conventional fashion! Where’s the energy in that, anyway?!
CHEERS to the MANY, MANY shades of green!
much, much, much more to come………

  1. Jean House says:

    You continue to amaze me, my delightfully fun (and funny) creative friend! Did I mention beautiful, to boot? Consider it mentioned. Hugs!

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