The mulberries were plentiful, plump, juicy and sweet this year!

I just love fresh picked mulberries so why not make Mulberry Wine the first flavor of my first attempt at winemaking.


I just finished my first strain and it needs to sit covered with a damp towel for about another month or two and then I’ll need to transfer it to a smaller jug and put the airlock on. What has fermented so far, tastes pretty good, but the true test of these efforts will be known in about 2 years. Some of my research showed that Mulberry Wine reaches its’ best flavor anywhere between a year, to two and a half years.  Winemaking is apparently a process that can’t be rushed. Patience, Patience, Patience.

HERE IS THE MULBERRY WINE RECIPE I chose to follow:  (I adapted for a 3 gallon batch versus 5 and used a Montrachet yeast instead of the champagne….for no other reason than that’s what they guy at the winemaking supply store recommended) ::)

Cheers to homemade brews!

(Wild grapes are up next…..)




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  2. Gil says:

    I love to make wine with fruit you can pick off
    The tree. I normally make pear wine from my
    cousins tree.

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