sweet pea pods

The pods on my sweet pea vine are starting to burst..and that has inspired me to take a stab at harvesting the seeds from the different plants in my yard to plant again next year.   However, I have quickly learned that it’s not as easy as just going around and collecting the seeds off anything and everything you desire, letting them dry, storing them properly and then planting them up next year…(or is it?!)  
First of all, I guess I need to be more selective…they say only collect seeds from heirloom or standard varieties because they’re the only plants that will offer up a true plant.  Don’t even bother with the seeds off your hybrids.  Really?  There are seeds NOT worth saving?!   Will I really end up with a worthless plant? Am I instigating genetically inferior vegetation that offers up nothing in return to nature and could even wreak havoc?  Will some of the seeds not even grow?  Does it just boil down to not ending up with the PERFECT plant?  Is there such a thing…..obviously what mother nature started us out with had everything as it should be and then when we start trying to improve on things, try new varieties, and breed them so that they are resistant to anything and everything….the simple cycle becomes much more complicated for those of use who are simple home gardeners just trying to keep things going year after year.  
Maybe my seed saving efforts might not be as large as I had hoped this time around, because I have so much more to learn, but as with everything,  I’ll never learn if I don’t try and I’m all for having a go at something, learning as much as I can, experimenting a bit, and seeing what I end up with. I’ve already collected seeds from my sweet pea vines and the sunflowers and will gather up a few more that I think I’ll have some success with, and go from there.  What grows may not be what I’m expecting, but at least I know that going in and I’m all for gaining knowledge by doing, not just reading.
All of this sure makes me think about what I plant in my yard and garden each year.  A few people along the way have also told me that  cultivars in all their beautiful glory, have been so ‘improved’ that they no longer carry any of their original characteristics which means they ultimately have nothing to provide the bees, the butterflies and the birds…..no pollen, no scent, no nectar, no seeds. They’re just another pretty face in the crowd, which is all well and good, but I sure like to think I’m also planting up a lot of things that will provide the wildlife with what they need.
Nothing is ever perfect is it?!
sweat pea seeds



Cheers to learning!
And if you have something to share on the matter……please do!

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