So many lovely things to catch you all up on as I took some much needed time to get back on track with my own homesteading efforts and to work on the opening of our b. organic facility.

Balance, peace and purpose are the goals each day and unfortunately the online updates had to go on a bit of a hiatus while other things were being done.  But spring has finally sprung and I’m thrilled about managing to work it all back in.

If you get as excited about growing your own food as I do and love to create things using nature, salvaged finds and your own two hands, I invite you to join us for 3 hours of abundant fun on Earth Day (Monday, April 22) as we begin offering an ongoing series of lifestyle workshops that promise to be the perfect blend of learning, creativity, nature and resourcefulness.

I recently met a gentleman who lives in northeast Iowa who is entirely fruit and vegetable self-sufficient all year round — amazing, right?!

It can be done and it all starts with a single plant, so our first workshop is designed to get you excited and confident about growing more edibles at home — The Art of Seed Starting  is a creative, do it yourself workshop that teaches you how to start your own seeds and expand your edible gardening efforts as well as adding that creative flair.

You will plant up a tray of heirloom vegetables, herbs and edible flowers to take home as well as create a unique assortment of personalized garden markers.

The first half of the workshop will be spent on the benefits of seed starting/edible landscaping, mixing up growing mediums, selecting seeds,and planting.  The second half of the workshop will delve into the creative side of gardening with unique garden marker projects you create yourself using natural elements and salvaged materials.

  • Learning how to start things from seed gives you incredible power in the backyard garden.
  • You will gain greater diversity with what you can grow and enjoy incredible monetary savings.
  • Growing your own edibles is an essential part of living an organic lifestyle.
  • You’re developing a closer connection to nature and the foods you and your family eat.
  • Gardening is a healthy stress-reliever.
  • To grow your own food and maintain a backyard or patio garden is unbelievably satisfying and rewarding and contributes to greater self-reliance.

All of our workshops are designed to be relaxed, hands-on, inspiring and practical.

We provide the materials, you do the planting and creating.

Cheers my friends — Join us if you can!


b. organic — it starts at home

  1. Government Job says:

    My partner is making a template in dreamweaver for joomla site and we are not to sure on how to upload it to it. We appreciate the help, thanks in advance..

  2. Barb Erck says:

    Saw ‘end’ of show on ‘ Create TV.’ Ran to TV to turn up volume… but you are just over. Was hoping there was
    another one to tape for viewing. DRAT ! So sorry to miss. I will watch closely. We are interested in raised bed
    gardening. Will be building small green house onto side of house. If you can help with information
    on starting your green house tips… SO HAPPY to get !
    In Deep Freeze,
    2 Michigander’s

  3. Sylvia Van Leer says:

    What channel will u be on in Nebraska, really miss ur shows. U used to be on diy, where are u now in our area?

  4. Georgia says:

    What a discovery, I just found your show on Create. Thank you for an inspiring way to live.

  5. Starlyn says:

    I really love your shows and find it very helpful. Please continue to guide people like me. This is what i enjoy and find peace

  6. Janine says:

    Hi Michelle, I am also missing your show on KTSW here in the Seattle area. It has become my favorite show of all. I am grateful for the shows I recorded in my DVR, they are a treasure. I completely relate to your mission in life. I love being creative, nature and being green. It has always been my passion, and I use to homestead with a mini farm. Now I live in the city with a nature girl’s heart. Your show has helped fill my void, thank you so much!!

  7. Melanie Glew says:

    So happy to find out the workshops will be able to be streamed in the future. Absolutely LOVE the show and all your ideas. I am a country girl at heart, but now live in the city. We are so blessed to be on a lovely little corner lot where we can still use so many things you teach. As a teacher and grandmother, I am so excited to share thei ideas with others and show that no matter where we live we can always work to b more organic! Blessings to you!

  8. Michele Beschen says:

    Yes, we are diligently working on making all of our workshops and the like available via livestream/webinars. Will post as soon as we have details firmed up and how it’s going to work. Thank you so much for stopping by and taking the time to give a shout out….Cheers to a creative, earth-loving day my friends! It’s a picture perfect day here in Iowa!

  9. Jennifer says:

    Perhaps I scrolled too fast but where is this workshop taking place and will you be streaming it live so folks who are not local can still watch?

  10. Marge says:

    hi, can any of your shows been seen on the internet? we lost your shows here on PBS in Lousville, I really miss watching them.

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