You just never know what you’re going to find at the Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore.  A recent visit to the one here in Des Moines uncovered a pallet full of large burlap coffee bags.

They were selling them at a fantastic price of 3 for $1.00, so it inspired us to stock up and revisit some of our own projects using this very versatile material.

We dressed up some bulletin boards here in the studio for our upcoming workshops, and are going to whip up a little stockpile of reusable gift bags to use for holiday gift-giving. (Instructions found here!)


Here’s a picture of what one of the bulletin boards looked like before I covered it. Blah.  

I simply cut open the bag so it would lay flat, mounted it with spray adhesive and then primitively framed it out with salvaged wood scraps.

Much more appealing to the eye now! 

There are so many creative uses for these beauties, especially at this time of year.  They’re a rustic decorative touch for Fall/Thanksgiving.  You could create pillows, tablerunners, chair covers, etc…

If you haven’t been to your local ReStore lately…stop in and see what they have in stock…it’s a fabulous resource for reclaimed goods, the inventory is everchanging which makes it a bit of a treasure hunt each time, and the prices are always great.  And it goes without saying but you’re also helping to support a fabulous organization.

Cheers to more of life’s amazing leftovers and the businesses committed to distributing them!


  1. Dee Dee Smart says:

    A query for HENRY KAMMERER who blogged on 11/10/12 ~ say, Henry, didn’t you REALLY mean ‘thinking outside the BAG’? ;~> I believe, Henry, that there can NEVER be too
    much Light(ness) in the world & so I hold fast to my position on the Front Line ~ that
    way I can be ready when an opportunity opens up for some good ole “silly” ~ I do Hope
    you received my comment in the same ‘tongue-in-cheek’ manner in which I sent it, did ya’?

    Do you have family in Greeley, Colorado? I felt so Blessed just LIVING there, but my
    93-year old neighbor, Mrs. Kammerer enriched my Life even more. She let me put a garden
    in her back yard (which we shared) because the number of AMAZING, massive trees in my own
    yard blocked the Sun ~ she was Wonderful and strong and kind ~ let me know, will you?
    In a Friendly Gesture, offering Peace and Lifelong Wonder ~ Denise Violet Smart

  2. Mindy Mowery says:

    I am so jealous….wish I could come across a find like this!! Have fun….and I will be checking my local Restore store!!

  3. De Hastings says:

    I don’t drink coffee, but do LOVE the smell of it. I think a coffee shop with their seats covered in these coffee sacks would be fantastic! Rustic, funky, keeping with the theme, resourceful, re-purposed & ORGANIC…

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