A friend of ours recently took a dive into her neighbor’s dumpster.

Her neighbor had been an interior decorator, I believe…and had oodles of fabric samples, neatly bundled

and neatly tossed for destination landfill.

Lucky for us, our friend saw the shame in this

and filled her entire trunk with whatever she could squeeze in.

She made a visit a couple of weekends ago to drop off the goods and my friend Dee has been in the studio sewing ever since.

She’s getting a jump on some sweet gifts for the holidays that are beautiful, one of a kind, and can we say, very budget friendly!

Any and all combinations look good.  All you have to do is simply sew them together to create larger panels of fabric that you can then use for upholstery, bags, rugs, window treatments and more.


I can’t really give any more of the particulars or I’ll be spoiling the surprise of her gifts, but you get the idea…. here’s a link to the rugs and valences we created for our salvage style guest room using similar decorator type samples.

I love sample books.  It sure is hard to believe someone could think they were ‘trash’.

Cheers to dumpster diving — and the friends who dive for you.





  1. Linda Dias says:

    Lucky YOU, I found some fabric sample books, but they were $5 a pop! Couldn’t afford it that day.

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