One thing always leads to another and today’s idea is a natural progression……. from the OSB leftovers… all other forms of plywood scraps.

 In a matter of minutes, they can be transformed into excellent, reusable work mats for just about any project.

Especially if you find you’re doing a lot of your work at the kitchen table.

They protect your surface, are very durable, manageable and easy to store.

The added measuring tool is also a handy feature.

  • Sand down any rough edges.
  • Secure felt pads to the underside.
  • Glue down a strip of measuring tape along one edge.
  • Seal with a few coats of shellac and get to work.

They’re even beautiful to look at.  I’m always inspired to lay out my goods and get to work.

Not sure why, but they’ll make you smile!

Cheers my friends to DIY!  Sit yourself down this fine Saturday and create something…it’ll do your mind good.




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