Unconventional. Quirky. Imperfect. Descriptors I love. They’re carefree, exciting, and intriguing. Exactly how I like things. Even in my garden. I have quite a few perennials that have taken it upon themselves to take root in unplanned, unexpected places throughout the yard and garden. At first, I was of course just going to transplant them to places where I could really use another plant, but it’s kind of fun to just let things play out once in a while. Don’t we all have enough going on in our lives that we’re exhaustively trying to ‘control’? Well, you know what, I LOVE random happenings and it’s been fun seeing how the garden naturally takes shape. I’ve even left a few ‘weeds’ (natives):) I like the looks of stay put here and there to see how they evolve. The bees and butterflies are loving them, so they obviously have a fruitful purpose. As long as there aren’t any negatives happening (choking out other plants, attracting the undesirables, etc)…. I’m going to take my cue from nature and let it DIRECT ME, for a while.
What do you do when things go out of bounds…pull it, transplant it, or let it be?!

Cheers to nature and the spectacular wonder it brings!

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