We just wrapped an episode on biking and got all revved up over the potential that still lies within an old rusty bike.

My friend Dan over at the Ichi bike shop showed us the endless possibilities when it comes to repurposing bicycles.

I had a ball taking apart an old ride from the 60’s-70’s that I’ve had sitting in the yard for the past few years.  I was able to really personalize it and most importantly, make it ride(able).

We cleaned things up, swapped out some old  parts, installed some new ones and created a few customized features using leather scraps, salvaged wood and my favorite addition…a bit of nature.

My (creative) wheels are still turning.

This my friends, is our new ‘office’ bike…so whenever anyone feels the need to go for a ride here at work during the day…they’re doing it in true b. organic style.

If you have an old bike lying around or see one at a garage sale/thrift store, get on it….I know I will be!

  • No need to toss.
  • No need to buy new.
  • Redo it, and ride on.



A leisurely bike ride is good for the soul.

Cheers to keeping old bikes out of the landfill!


  1. Donetta Joe Ooley-Ingling says:

    Who can keep from smiling when one sees a bicycle? Who? Someone who has never had a bicycle or learned to ride one! For me I smile thinking of childhood memories-the good & the painful-but all in fun! These photos about this bicycle are true inspiration for the bicycle lovers of the world, past present, and future. Thank You for creating and sharing, Donetta

  2. Rob Preece says:

    Nice, Michelle.

    Bicycles are such a wonderful way of getting around. I just finished riding half the Erie Canal on an old clunker. Lots of fun. Other than for long trips, I simply don’t use the car–between the bike, the bus and light rail, I can go just about anywhere (and I live in Los Angeles where the car culture is strong). I got a kick out of you using a stick as a cross-piece. The box on the back does look a bit heavy, though.

    Rob Preece

  3. colleen says:

    I ride a old Schwinn from the 50’s. I love my bike, and we try to go on a family ride at least once a week. My husband and i try to get a short ride in every night. We are going back to the concept of less and that means the car also. We really have fun and get shopping and other things done,while spending time together.

  4. Celeste says:

    My husband re-sells old Schwinn bicycles which are the nicest bikes to ride. People are beginning to find out that an old, top of the line Schwinn (cleaned with new tires and brakes) which costs the same or less than the cheap bikes you find at Walmart, are a dream to ride and will last forever. I can’t wait to see this episode!

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