I LOVE driftwood. Plain and Simple. Everything about it. The hunt for it, the uses for it, the feel of it, the shapes….the altered states that naturally happen as a result of the elements are pretty amazing.


picking up

I was fresh out, so my dad took me for a boat ride up and down the Mississippi over the weekend to replenish my supply.



The best time to go is actually in the spring when the water drops, but there are still treasured pieces to be found along the banks at pretty much anytime. It was a first for my daughter, Maddie and our new little puppy Junie B., so they of course were having fun hunting for all kinds of things. We brought home several snails, shells, rocks….good stuff.





My dad has hauled home some larger ones for me in the past, and he has had his eye on one on the bank for about a month now and once it dries out a bit, he’ll hopefully be able to get it in the boat.


There were pieces that I unfortunately had to leave behind. (I so need to figure out a way to get those big ones off the banks and onto the trailer.)  There were some pretty sweet fallen trees that would make great benches and tables but were of course WAY too big to even think about…..Next time, we’re going to bring the chainsaw and see about breaking down some of the interesting parts on the larger pieces.

fallen tree2


If I still lived back there, I’d be out there every day huntin’ around. The fresh air, the river….a rejuvenating way to spend a few hours, to say the least!

here were a few of the other sights:


people put rope swings HIGH up into the trees along the bank–amazing to me how they get up there to tie it on. (I’m talkin’ high…like 40-50 feet)


one of the riverboats that offers cruises up and down the Mississippi–wonder if they were making any stops along the riverbanks collecting treasures…I’m thinkin’, probably not.


authentic dutch windmill in Fulton, Illinois


pelicans, pelicans, pelicans


very protective squirrel who was guarding his own stash of driftwood


some anonymous person put a flag on this little island in the middle of the river and continues to maintain it

one of the smaller pieces I’ve got sitting on my workbench here

Cheers to the river and all that washes ashore!

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  2. Cassie says:

    I love driftwood too. :) I found the perfect walking stick the other day on the Mississippi after we got 5 inches of rain and the water had risen over the banks some and then fallen again at our fave fishing hole and left several pieces of driftwood behind.

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