The concrete block garden beds have proven to be winners.


Yep, we will definitely be adding more of these to the yard next year.

They were fun to plant up, have been incredibly easy to maintain, and are FULLY LOADED with delicious goodies.

I may have overplanted a little, (I knew better than to put a zucchini plant in there, but did it anyway and I’ve had to stake it in a few spots to let the sun break through for a couple of things on the other side) but everything seems to be really thriving.  Even the stuff in all the side squares is doing great.  You can really get a good amount of produce going in one of this size and as I mentioned in a previous post, they were easy and inexpensive to build.

Lots of compost and regular applications of a soil amendment have also helped make these beds vibrant and healthy.

I played around with a little ‘product testing’ of my own with these two beds and it’s been interesting to see the results so far. The bed on the left is untreated.  The bed on the right has been regularly treated with a microbial product called Thrive.

You should all know by now that I’m not one to push products but when I find something that actually works and has been created by people who are also committed to the educational component of their business, I will enthusiastically share what I experience.  I’ve really learned a lot about the role bacteria and mycorrhizal fungi play in our gardening efforts over the past couple of years and it’s been exciting to actually SEE for myself what a difference it can make.  If we take good care of the soil beneath us…it, in turn, will continue to take care of us.

Cheers to backyard gardens!



  1. Sheila Allen says:

    I just wanted to say that my sister and I constructed a cement block garden three years ago and it was great! We actually got the cement blocks to stop any erosion that would occur since our back yard sloped down hill. As it turned out, the cement garden performed just as well or better than traditional gardens.

  2. Ang McCoy says:

    I would just like to thank you for all you great ideas. I love watching them on B Organic!!!

  3. Diana Rodriguez says:

    I havn’t seen you on klcs again are still on this channel? I loved your program.

  4. Michele says:

    I just gently move the leaves aside where I need to let some sun through and place a piece of bamboo, a branch or lathe strips in the ground to hold in place (whatever I happen to have lying around, actually). I haven’t tied anything, the sticks have been enough to hold the stems off to one side or the other. I just have a couple of plants on the one side that they’re shielding and the onions I had planted in the end caps were already pulled….my zucchini plants are twice as big as they were last year, so they’re taking up even more room that I had initially thought they would…they will have their own personal beds next year! hee.

  5. Susan Stibb says:

    Oops, I am going to have to stake mine too then. What did you use to stake them up with?
    Plus, I really like the idea of cement blocks as raised beds.

    Susan Stibb

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