We ran out of last season’s syrup a few months ago, so I could hardly wait for it to be ‘time to tap” again.

Jon wanted to rig up a different setup this year, so at first glance I’m thinking we just may have ourselves a better system than last season’s old, wobbly ice cream buckets that would overflow quickly or be blowing around and spilling out.  Our concern is whether the sap is going to get clogged up/frozen in the tubing or not. We’ll find out in a hurry whether that’s the case or not.


We’re also going to cook the sap up outside this year over a fire instead of inside on the stove which should prove to be more fun and a great excuse to spend the day outdoors with the kids working on other things while it cooks down.

The syrup is SOoooo delicious..If you have a maple tree in your yard or neighborhood or know someone who does, I strongly encourage all of you to take advantage of the natural goodness that flows inside.  Nothing compares. It’s silly to not take advantage of it.  It really is an easy process that simply requires a bit of time and with the price of good quality syrup, it’s well worth the time spent.  Plus, the reward and fulfillment that comes from doing it yourself and tapping into these types of resources……….goes without saying.

I only wish I had more than two trees.

Thinking it may be a while before the little saplings that  Maddie and Jon have been planting around the yard will be ready to tap.  

I’ll be old….but still tapping! lol. 

Cheers to the maple.   Get tapping, my friends!




  1. Michele Beschen says:

    And you are correct! It’s turned out to be way slicker than last year….we’ve collected about 20 gallons of sap so far! The guy’s brilliant, I tell you! :)lol.

  2. Dave Murphy says:

    I have no doubt that if Jon engineered this project, it will work out perfectly.

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