We have a handful of Black Walnut Trees in the yard and we did a proud job of harvesting them this last year (ashamed to say that we never really did anything with them before…what a mistake…they are delicious!)

But we are just NOW getting around to shelling them.  They’ve been sitting in trays since september (outside even…thank goodness it has been a mild winter)

I was like 38 weeks pregnant when we were out collecting, so I stuck with picking up the fallen ones and Jon did all the climbing.

Baby came and let’s just say life has been FULL and the walnuts didn’t get any more attention until this past weekend.

We simply took at them with a hammer and a pick.  It was actually one of those relaxing, mindless kind of jobs that I find rather refreshing. I also love the smell of them.

Most of the nuts are still in good shape, others are a bit more shriveled and kind of past their prime, (but still have great taste)

Have a lot more to do, but we’re getting there.

Will store them in the fridge and put ’em to use in baked goods and salads…..will also try out a batch of the Walnut Milk we did on one of our shows (only we had used English ones)….I’m thinking it will have even more flavor with the Black Walnuts.  I’m also thinking a batch of Walnut meal/flour….It’s just fun to play around with things, isn’t it? It’s even more fun playing around with the things that you have growing right in your backyard.. Oh, and then there’s walnut stain we could make….this year, this year….

On a whim, found an interesting company here in the midwest that built its’ business around the Black Walnut….thought it worth sharing.


Cheers my friends to the Black Walnut!  Any good uses/recipes you want to share?!


  1. Poppy says:

    Black walnut shells can be boiled to create a natural dye with pretty brown results. The longer you boil them, the darker the dye.

  2. Fay says:

    I was watching the show where you made your own eye shadows and I would like to know where to buy the products you showed? Where can I find mica pawder, oxide powder ect? Also do you know how to make your own bath salts or bath bombs? I would like to make my own as buying them from good organic stores can be expensive.
    Thank you for showing me how to do new things like making eye shadows

  3. Marilyn Workman says:

    We have a walnut tree, and we never pick them or use them, this yr. we are going to. I miss watching you on Create TV. I hope you will be back on soon. I have bought Season 1 and 2 and the jewelry making dvd to watch. Soon will buy season 3. Get back on with some more cre8ions. I love 2 cre8 2!!

  4. Mary says:

    a thought on the walnuts. Our older neighbors gave us some every year. They use a vise out in the garage. I think that’s what it’s called. then would pick them while watching tv at night.
    they we’re the best neighbors ever and show us younguns at the time how to garden and do allot of wonderful things. We bought our house in the first week July and tilled up a garden spot first thing and planted a garden that late. They told us afterwards they thought we were were a bit of wishful thinking doing it that late. Well they talked about that for many years. We had a Great garden that year on our wishful thinking. she said she never doubted us again. RIP Les & Ina — Wedding anniversary is Valentine Day and they really were True Valentines. Think of them often.

  5. John Carson says:

    I love the out doors, I adore you and pbs. Thank you for all your cool ideas, arts, crafts and beauty. A fan of Michele from Wilmington, Ohio!

  6. Katelyn Pacheco says:

    I agree with sylvia you have inspired me to start being more organic and I also tried looking for you on the schedule and couldnt find the show :( I have only seen a couple of episodes and want more I am going to buy the dvds and hopefully when I am caught up with them the show will be back on :) heres to wishful thinking!

  7. Yvonne Hoenig says:

    I was just going to say that I grew up with walnut trees on our farm. It was always lots of fun for my cousins and me to collect the nuts from the farm every fall. One good thing about walnut trees in a yard is that they keep fleas away from your dogs. We also love using the nuts that we collected in the breads, cookies, cakes, candy and any other food you can think of, always a big YUM.

  8. Sylvia Casselbury says:

    I was looking forward this show, and all future shows, but it appears to be left off the PBS schedule. Will the show be back on Create TV? This is my new favorite show. Love all of the ideas. I really missed B Original, but since I found you on Create, I’ve been much happier.

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