We recently discontinued our garbage service and can’t say that I’ve missed it, yet.  We found that we really weren’t putting much trash out anymore each week and decided it was just a waste of $50/month.  It kind of happened on ‘accident’, but we’re running with it…..Jon had simply inquired about getting less frequent pickups and seeing if they did a bi/weekly or monthly pickup instead and somehow that translated into we didn’t need their service anymore and the following week, the garbage man just stopped visiting……lol

However, between composting, recycling and paying attention to the things we’re buying, we really got to a point where we weren’t generating very much ‘landfill’ trash each week.

Feels good.

One less bill…One more way to force ourselves to continue being more conscientious about waste.  We’ll see how it goes.

Anyone else out there find that they don’t have much need for home garbage service anymore?!

Cheers to less trash!




  1. Randi says:

    I am very interested in eliminating the trash service. What do you do with the food that you can’t put in the compost, like, raw chicken fat and such?

  2. Michele Beschen says:

    A lot of it has been because I started shopping a bit differently…really doing a lot of things from scratch with bulk staples, paying more attention to what I bring home and it just became less and less…There are still the oddball things like my curling iron that just bit the dust…or batteries, light bulbs, random plastic things that I can’t recycle, etc….but what I have found is that there are a LOT of recyclers out there that have mail-in programs and more and more retailers are offering recycling programs for things like old holiday lights, portable electronics, batteries, etc….I keep a bag/box of the oddball stuff and try to figure out where’s best to dispose of it as I can….we do have garbage pickup at our studio if worse came to worse, but even there, we’re trying to do a better job of things….will admit it’s harder to manage things at the office, but we continue to work on it.

  3. leslie jacobs says:

    I am without trash service by choice. I do live alone in small town, Lander WY. I burn any paper, mail, and call any unsolicted catologs and to stop more, ask for reduced mailing of the ones I use. In a backyard firepit.
    I don’t use most canned goods, as I can my own food, and cold celler root crops,. Started making my own tomato based comidments,IE: catsup, barbque sauce, hot sauce, from my canned supplies and spices, Looking this year to start making skin care produts, less poisions and plastic containers. And when when I go to the store for bulk items, I take a sack small, of the plastic that anything was wrapped in. Afterall it usually came from there.

  4. Kristy says:

    The community I live in has really inexpensive recycling but our trash pick up service is by the bag…we purchase stickers for about $3 each to place on every bag of trash. I think this is a creative way to push everyone to look to recycle more items and be conscientious of their waste.

  5. Tracey says:

    When we moved into our farm house, we asked around for a garbage company and people laughed at us and said why do you need them? I was confused. They said we recycle and burn here in this area. So that is what we have done for over 8 years now and will continue as we move into a different state and farm house.

  6. Laurie says:

    My trash service is not an option since it’s paid for with my taxes; however, it also includes curbside recycling. I find my recycle pickup is larger than my trash pickup. I would not want to pay $50 either for the little bit of trash I have each month.

  7. Lyndi says:

    This is amazing. I had never even considered that this was an option. No trash pickup. Genius. I think that the way to deal with plastic wrap is to not use it. We use dishes that have lids and rarely find the need for it anymore.

  8. Cate says:

    Awesome good for you. I find the need less and less as well we have maybe one can every two weeks. I recycle almost everything, but what do you do with the plastic wrap hmmm? Any ideas on this one.

  9. Kyria says:

    Could you share practical tips on what to do with all the different types of trash? I know I only recently became aware that I could compost paper and cardboard along with my food scraps. I’m sure there are other ways to reduce waste that I haven’t thought of yet.

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