This handmade gift idea was also a result of coming up with creative ways to present gift cards this holiday season and this one catered to a restaurant type gift card — It celebrates getting out for the night, having fun with the girls or guys, going to watch a game, having a date night, etc…..


You’ll need:

a dry erase magnetic calendar

a wooden frame to fit the size of calendar you’re using

magnetic paint (optional)

some people have inquired about the toxicity of specialty paints like these and you’ll be happy to know that magnetic paints are lead free and a safe paint to use

scrap wooden pieces or precuts from hobby stores

adhesive back magnets


Add magnetic paint to the wooden frame so you can store the extra pieces and then paint over it in desired color. You could also just add a cup hook and put the pieces in a little drawstring bag, as another option.

Gather small wooden squares to use as the dates. (I cut down strips of lathe into squares but you can also buy precut wood pieces at any hobby/art store.)

Paint them in vibrant colors and add the numbers 1 – 31.

Attach adhesive back magnets to each square and place on calendar.

If you are throwing a gift card into the  mix, simply add a magnet to the backside and attach it to the front.


I used longer wooden strips for the twelve months and a few other shapes to mark special could personalize for people’s birthdays, art classes, gardening dates, starts of the seasons, etc.  The next one I do is going to cater to things like seed starting, farmers markets, harvesting, workshops, canning/preserving, outdoor parties, maybe pull a few things from the farmer’s almanac. You can really have a lot of fun catering them to the person you’re giving it to and it’s a calendar that doesn’t every expire.

Screw your calendar into your frame, add your pieces and you have a beautiful gift.


Cheers to vibrant, colorful days!!


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