For those of you who like to give ornaments as gifts, give this idea a whirl.

Every year we have an ornament making day.  Each year, we work with a different material.  Last year was the dough kind, the year before that was natural elements…and before that it was gingerbread.

This year’s materials were ‘wood scraps’ — ah, my favorite.

We stuck with squares and circles for shapes and everybody got busy painting, gluing, nailing, wiring…Was a LOT of fun.

I created ‘gift boxes’ and lollipops; the kids were all over the place with their designs, and my friend Dee was busy doing ‘portrait’ ornaments for the kids.


The small blocks of wood make the perfect canvas for an assortment of gift boxes and designs and the log slices with a branch for the stick made for great lollipops.  The lollipops can be used as tree ornaments or simply set about in some festive containers.  To hang, simply add small screw eyes to the top and use ribbon, string, leather or wire.

Salvage Style Ornaments — Good, Good Stuff.

Cheers to the ornament.


  1. Liz says:

    Next year I am going to make ornaments like these for the tree at our graphics shop.
    Thanks for the great ideas.
    Merry Christmas

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