If any of you aren’t familiar with Frontier Co-op, Aura Cacia or Simply Organic…they’re worth getting to know.  They are a family of companies located here in the heart of Iowa doing some pretty great things.   They have an interesting back story and are committed to providing healthy, quality products.

When we visited their facility last year, we were impressed with their hospitality, their rigorous testing to insure you’re getting the best, their incredible support for their growers/villages/communities, their on-site organic kitchen for the Frontier Co-op/Aura Cacia/Simply Organic employees, their on-site composting system and just the all around ‘feel good’ nature of everything they did…smelled good everywhere we went, too! lol

When their aromatherapist Tim Blakley was in town, we returned the favor and extended an invitation to our place for some lunch and a visit to the studio.  Could talk to those boys all day long! (Now, if we can only figure out an excuse to go Tim’s direction for a visit — He lives in Hawaii!  I’m sure there’s a show we could do while we’re there, right?!)

Naturally, I called upon them when we were putting together a show on essential oils.  I knew Tim would be an awesome, engaging guest as were Steve and Tom.

I’ve been using essential oils for a very long time, but was always a bit mystified by them.  What is that one good for, can I do this, should I do that, what will happen if I tried this, is it okay to mix certain ones…that kind of stuff.  They took all the apprehension away for me and really motivated me to use more of them in more ways, and I hope that is also the case for all our viewers. The versatility is amazing.  My favorites are lavender, peppermint, tea tree, grapefruit, sweet orange, lemon, neroli, frankincense and carrot seed but I’m sure that list will continue to grow.

Aura Cacia provides all of you with an excellent online resource for recipes and ideas.  Take advantage of it if you can.  Making our own healthy products for cleaning, beauty, and wellness is so easy and economical and are so good for us, that there’s really no excuse.

There were a couple other recipes that they shared that we didn’t have time for inside the show…a weed killer, a mold solution, glass cleaner, etc….but we’ll make the videos available as extras on our website and you can also visit their site for the recipes.

As part of our co-op community, we’re working on making some of their product available in our store at a discount to our b.organic co-op members (beginning the first of the year, I believe–maybe sooner, we’re in the middle of a store re-do, and it just depends on how fast we can get things up and running — so keep your eyes out.)

sorry steve, lol……this pic a tad fuzzy after a long day!

Was a FUN day, and I thank them all for sharing their know-how with everyone!

Cheers to great companies and getting to know the people behind them!  I continue to be amazed.





  1. heather at wordplayhouse® says:

    Our daughter is fascinated by essential oils…their uses, their benefits, where they come from…you were fortunate to go on a tour like this. I get a mini tour from our daughter when we go out into the woods; and she tells me what this plant can heal and what benefits of another leaf has…! A lovely tiny tour you shared here!

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