We get so many requests to do workshops here at the studio that we’ve finally carved out a plan and are putting them on the calendar.

I’m SOOOOOO excited…..I just love filling our studio with interesting people who are anxious to come CREATE with us.  It’s an incredible stress buster for all involved and everyone (including myself) always walks away rejuvenated and joyful. It’s the kind of fun we should ALL make time for once in a while, so we’re committed to providing multiple workshop opportunities for y’all throughout the next several months.  Everything from creative projects to gardening, cooking, sewing, woodworking and more! We’re even going to start offering private parties for kids and adults! This place is going to be a flurry of activity…whoohoo!

Our next workshop is happening December 3rd from 1-4pm here at the 408 Grant Studio in Van Meter, Iowa.

Fee is $45.  All supplies are included and you could walk away with three colorful, unique gifts ‘ready to give’ for the holidays!

The workshop is “Pop Art Portraits”.….(yep, the one everyone keeps asking us about that’s featured in the latest issue of the Do It Yourself Magazine!)

It’s a simple paint process that ANYONE can do so prepare yourself to be able to paint a playful portrait of anyone and everyone you know….Guaranteed!

You’ll go home with an exciting new way to repurpose old windows and picture frames into personalized works of art!

Come play with us…Space is limited so Reserve your spot today!  Look forward to seeing all of you here.  Fun, Fun, FUN!

All the details and how to register are HERE! 

All b. organic co-op members receive 15% off ALL workshops ALL of the time! 


Cheers to Creativity…..It’s naturally FANTASTIC for your health….Come see for yourself!


  1. Dick Jenkinson says:

    Just saw your show on Create (Kids mud bench). You needed pins for cribbage game and suggested cut off “Duplex nails”. Absolutely great idea. Never thought of that (for another kind of project) but thats just what I need. I need a bunch, and your little tip will save me $$$$. It seems in any kind of craft (mines woodworking and electronics) you can ALWAYS pick up a tip from someone else. ………..You’ve got a mean hand with he plunge router by the way !!!. (I always just destroy the wood with one !)

  2. Don Poole says:

    I just saw Michelles program from Kansas regarding gardening, seeds, soil preperation etc. I was shown on IPTV, Saturday Nov 19th. I was just fasinated with it. I’m 84 and have cut back on my gardening, but seeing the right way to prepare the soil, right kind of seeds made me want to motivate this ancient body to try again next spring.
    My daughter in law, daughter and one son are gardeners also and I know they would love to see the episode that was on today. I got on to the borganic web site but didn’t see how to watch it. I want to notify the kids of your web site as I know they will love it as much as I did. I tried heirloom seeds last year but didn’t prepare the soil, so know why it didn’t work out good for me. Sure hope to receive a responc from you. Thank you so much

  3. jeannie says:

    You and your crew prove that the more you create, the greater the imagination, and… the more you create!

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