A good frost puts an abrupt end to all the fun, overnight.

We got to harvest the last of the tomatoes before the snap of cold and found ourselves throwing all the ripe ones in the dehydrator to preserve.  (Still have to contend with the green ones…tonight, maybe!?) With a new baby and work, there wasn’t a lot of time for canning or that right now, and I find myself hooked on the taste of the dried tomatoes, anyway.  Seriously…they are SWEET, YUMMY and ADDICTING.

Yes, I’m falling more and more in love with the whole dehydrating process every day.  

There are many benefits…

  • Retains more of the nutritional makeup of the produce than some of the other methods.
  • Less time consuming and less mess/cleanup.  All I had to do was slice them, set them on a tray, turn on the dehydrator and walk away.
  • They take up WAY less storage room than if I had canned them.
  • The shelf life is longer.
  • They make a delicious grab and go snack!
  • They’re great for soups,  pizzas, and toasted sandwiches throughout the winter.
  • They’re also very pretty…..

Cheers to dried up food….lol!


  1. Marilyn Workman says:

    The tomatoes look so good in the jars. Love to dehydrate..Haven’t done it in a while. Wanting to start doing this again. Love watching and learning things from Michele. Learned so many things already!!! Love watching your shows!! Thanks for sharing this :)

  2. Rick A says:

    Does anyone beside my self think a solar dehydrating is a btter way to go? I have plans for building one and think it would be a good winter project, but I have little understanding of what will keep things like the ants (and a few uncles) out why the food is dehydrating. Well, off to the bookstore to see what i can find on solar dehydrating.
    Any helpful ideas? Please let me know.

  3. Rick A says:

    may I offer: dried tomatoes, dried bell pepper rings and some (or alot of) olives, alot of tomatoes sause and some good cheese, roll out some of your froozen pizza crust and enjoy. bake it a little extra long and go for it. Dried tomatoes have a great flavor and the dried bell pepper rings have better flavor than the fresh ones.

  4. Keri says:

    Great minds think a like!! We were doing the exact same thing…and we put them in mason jars too!

  5. Kyla says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE to dehydrate!!!! It has been my new favorite thing this past growing season. The best part is I turn the dried veggies into homemade veggie bread or bagels and they are also great to add to soups in the winter!!! YUM YUM Hope you enjoy as much as we do!!!

  6. Andrea Wailes says:

    We had the very same problem…I like to slow roast them in the oven, but I’m sure the dehyrdator is more efficient..thanks so much for sharing. I had about 100 regular tomatoes, used up 75 of them so far, waiting on the last 25 to turn. Threw some back into the ground for seeds for next year. Didn’t plant 1 cherry tomato plant this year, but had probably over 200+ to harvest this year. Never canned, need to put that on the to do list for next year!! Thanks … love your show, very creative…love the use of reclaimed items. Andrea

  7. Lisa @ Life in Green says:

    I would do this simply to display the tomatoes in a jar like you’ve done – gorgeous! Though I’d probably make way to much pizza as an excuse to use things. :)

    May have to look into getting a dehyrdator someday.

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