To see someone get SO excited over the wild edibles that are out there was a pretty cool experience.  That was exactly how Andy Benson, our guest from today’s season premiere was.   We all could’ve wandered around with him all day, soaking up more and more.  “What’s that?, What can we do with this?, Can you eat these?”  (Having your very own personal wild edibles tour guide is a pretty sweet thing, you know!)

It’s funny how once you start being able to identify certain things, you naturally want to know more and more.  I only hope I live long enough to learn about everything that’s out there! ::)

We originally planned to go to Andy’s home in Dubuque, Iowa to shoot this particular show, but his area was affected by flooding over the summer and he ended up coming our way instead.  (I really wanted to see what he had stored in his cupboards, too!) lol  Andy chooses a bicycle for his transportation, so his dad was generous enough to drive him all the way out here, and we had fun getting to know him, as well.  One would assume that maybe Andy got some of his foraging enthusiasm from his dad, but that wasn’t the case. Andy said it was actually his dad that was always telling him to stop eating those things when he was little. His dad laughed about that and told me that while he personally wasn’t all that into ‘eating weeds’, ::) he was pretty proud of all that his son had learned, what he does with it and how he goes about teaching others.

I was pregnant in this episode, (obviously) lol….so I did exercise moderation with some of the ‘new’ things that I was trying.  I did try everything, and I can’t say that I found any of it to be disappointing.  Everything truly was tasty and I even went out and harvested more throughout the weeks after and started incorporating them into the menu.  Andy admittedly likes to prepare the things he harvests very simply..he’s a bit of a purist like that! ::) ..I, on the other hand will continue to have some fun playing around with the recipes, adding a few other ingredients here and there and ‘spicing things up a bit’.  

Andy’s resourcefulness also went beyond just edibles..he also made twines/ropes out of some of the different plants and he has quite a collection of didgeridoos that he handcrafts…we would’ve needed an hour-long show to share it all, so unfortunately we had to table some of those things for another day!

I encourage you guys to check out the group he started on Facebook and join in.  There is a WEALTH of knowledge and expertise being shared on there day after day.  Excellent place to learn and converse with fellow foragers.

Andy and others like him are the people whom I consider to be the ‘celebrities’ in the world.   People definitely worth talking about and giving precious air time to. There are so many other interesting foragers out there just like Andy and I look forward to being able to share their stories with all of you in future programs.

Cheers to foraging!


  1. Kristina says:

    When will this EP. be on again? i only caught part of it. an my phone wont let me watch it on here unless its on you tube. is it on you tube? please put them on there, love the show. 1st time watcher. ty

  2. holli grage says:

    what was the book you recommended on the show I didn’t catch it or get time to write it down

  3. Teri Melton says:

    I just got a rooftop antenna last month and found Create TV. So far I have seen two of your shows, this one about Andy Benson, and then the one making homemade dogfood and treats. Hope to see your whole series. But I am going thru the whole blog here and signed up for your email. Thank you so much.

  4. paula hulke says:

    I saw the foraging episode just last Saturday(Jan 28th). Joined Andy’s facebook, and realized he was from Iowa. My husband & I own a small farm 30 miles south of Dubuque. We own timber that we forage in spring for asparagus, mushrooms, & dandelions. Now, I’m going to incorporate a few more items on my foraging list. We have chemical feed cattle, 2 gardens, chemical free hay fields, and pastures. I juice raw vegetables & fruit…so when I saw this episode, I was so thrilled! Thank-you!

  5. Candis Murphy says:

    Hi I too have been eating wild edible since i was a child I think it started with what we called sour but i think is actually sorel to now i love to hunt my own mushrooms i dont know everything that is wild and edible but am loving learning. It is great to see a young person eating wild edibles. I have recently came across the benefits of kudzu and wish that i had a chance to try some if i were you i would take robyn deerchaser up on her offer

  6. Robyn Deerchaser says:

    Thank you !, being native american and living the lifestyle, and being a homesteader, it is great to have you out there showing people this wanderful way of living, i dont go to the stores alot,dont have to, too bad for the people who think they have to buy everything, my friends think im very talented for reperposing, HAHAHA, its sooo easy ,i want you to do a show on how to eat and use kuzu (kudzu),leaves for greens,better than collards ,and flowers for jelly or syrup, and vines for deco ,and roots for thickeners. FREE FOOD…! thanks again Robyn Deerchaser

  7. Andy Benson says:

    Thank you so much again, Michele! This was truly a unique experience, and you are truly a unique person. I’m glad we crossed paths, and look forward to looking back on the great memories of our meeting. Please consider me your friend always. Keep foraging! I am forever a student and steward of our planet Earth.
    Andy Benson

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