I should make a point to share more of these (viewer profiles, per say,) because they always lead to great content for our shows….and as a bonus….they stimulate a lot of fun chatter around this place and remind us why we do what we do, the way we do it……

A gentleman (L.W.) took the time to call the studio yesterday and had an interesting conversation with Chad — He is an organic farmer who lives in Northern California off the grid and wanted to share what he’s doing to help teach others the sustainable life.

His 20 acre plot is home for his junk pile that he has accumulated over the years and will let everyone in the community know that its available for picking. He would rather you come to him for that one of a kind sink than waste gas and money searching out a new one. Whether you want a white sink or a black one he is sure to have one for you. LW fell in love with ‘b. organic’ one evening while watching his local Create TV broadcast in is PICKUP TRUCK… not exactly your traditional TV setup….…… he has an inverter hooked up to his battery to power the TV…(LOVE THAT!)

The rest is history and he couldn’t wait to call in and let us know how impactful our messages are and what we are doing is wonderful and wanted to know more about getting involved with the b. organic cooperative.

On the flipside…we are just as thankful for him taking the time to call and introduce himself to us……..This is one of the ways we learn about who’s doing what out there….we probably would have never ran across such a unique, caring individual as LW if he didn’t reach out to us.  Now we have made a new friend who will introduce us to all his like-minded friends who are excited to share their lifestyle, ideas and experiences with everyone, too…we’ll hopefully find a way to visit his little operation ‘off the grid’.

Love these stories.  We welcome them all and always look forward to learning more and in turn sharing them with you.

Cheers to our one-of-a-kind viewers…..That’s what b. organic is all about!


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