We recently visited with The Lipscomb Family of Eldorado Heirloom Seeds and I personally walked away with an even greater desire to homestead, live simply, and GARDEN even BIGGER next year!

It’s a good, good life.

You’ll be inspired by their story, their family and Big John’s Gardening Tips…..Watch for it this Fall, my friends!

We continue getting out and about, learning from more and more people who are genuinely ‘living the life’…..

.….but dangit, ┬áit always brings me home with more and more things I want to do, change, try…..I sure hope I live long enough to get it all in!! ::) lol..

Cheers to the interesting people out there acting on what they love and believe in…. and generously sharing their experiences.


  1. Jennie says:

    That is awesome I was thinking of getting their seeds this year but went with some others. Definitely going to give it a try for next growing season! thanks for this!

  2. Sally says:

    Wow Michelle, thank you for taking the time and spending time with the Liscombs. I have recently been using their seeds and have found true beauty in living simply and growing heirloom. Your show is amazing and the people you showcase are a very inspiring. I cannot wait to see this season, especially this episode. Give Big John a hug for me next time you see him!

    Sally J

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