A lovely, aromatic start to my day this morning.

We were shooting in the beautiful Loess Hills yesterday and it looks like ‘someone’ snuck out for a visit to the nearby lavender farm!

Thanks, Dee!

This is exactly what a girl with swollen ankles needed today! LOL.

Makes me want to stir up another pitcher of fresh-squeezed ice cold lavender lemonade this weekend or how about some lavender cookies?!

The uses and benefits of lavender are MANY…and we look forward to sharing a lot of those uses in our new round of shows this fall…Fun stuff!

Cheers to the gift of Lavender!


  1. Grace~katmom says:

    I found you on the Create channel, on one of those rare moments that I actually turned on the T.V…. I loved the episode of making ones own organic ‘from the kitchen’ hand creame.
    As for Lavender,, I have a total of 127 assorted plants, from Provence’, Sharon Roberts, Melissa & Alba (white)… I love puttering in my mini Lavender field,,,even watering is a joy as I walk away swathed in lavender scent….and a handfull of lavender. If there were not so many bees in my field, I would give them all names! lol!
    And yes, lavender makes wonderful ice cream, simple syrup, cheese cake, scones, cookies, teas and Martinis! lolol!
    My fav lavender tea is actually a blend of dried lavender buds & dried chocolate mint leaves with a hint of stevia and poured over ice…and I can handle the problems of the world!
    So enjoy a wonderful lavender foot soak while sipping lavender iced tea.

  2. melanie says:

    We just planted several lavender in front of our porch….i can’t wait till they get bigger and bloom! I have a bottle of essential lavender oil that i keep in our master bathroom, and use it in my tub…..smells soooo good and it’s so relaxing!!! Did you know you can use the oil undiluted, on cuts?

  3. Tia Hall says:

    I have the front walk to my front door lined with several different types of lavender- French White,Pink;Hardy English, etc. …when it brushes against you as you go out to fetch the paper, or the kids run by while playing, or the dog runs thru it, it adds fragrance to all facets of our days and throughout our life: ) Lavendar ice-cream for nighttime, sprigs with silk ribbon for quick gifts, lavender cookies, lavender buttercream cream cheese icing, lavendar enhanced dressing, lavendar added to marinades and built into spices for ALL experiments from our kitchen…lavender goes with almost ANTHING: ) It makes a WONDERFUL addition to Epsom salt foot soak : )
    It withstands the hottest days of open summer sun and brings all sorts of colorful critters to greet us : ) Plant some and enjoy an effortless companion to your summertime life : )

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