We all have something in our garden that we want more than anything to grow and produce.

Mine:  the concord grape vines.

And, they REFUSE to cooperate.

All three of them.

Granted, they’re young – (3 yrs)

(And they’ve been given lots of love, for the most part — I’m admittedly a fearful pruner)

This year looked to be the year…I was so hopeful…the vines were lush and healthy…an abundance of beautiful clusters of berries had set.

I was SOOOOOOO excited.

Then, sometime between sundown and sunrise…..

They turned on me.

A destructive case of fungal disease…..Black spot, I’m a thinkin’…Too much rain, perhaps?

all the berries have started to drop, leaving behind sad little skeletons


Beyond bummed.

I reached into the goodie box that Pharm Solutions had shared with us this spring and am diligently applying their fungicide, so hopefully I can put the brakes on it spreading even further. I need to research and see if it’s necessary to trim away all infected areas (which will be pretty much most of the vine, at this point) I had already been using their Garlic Pharm around the garden and I can honestly say that I’m really pleased with their products, thus far.

I enjoy sharing the things I try and what seems to work and any personal experience….haven’t been paid to do so….so check them out if you like! and see for yourself.

In the meantime, I’m just going to have to go cry on the mulberry tree’s ‘shoulder’…I have more of those berries than I know what to do with right now, (without even trying) so they’ll have to be my solace.

CHEERS to hopefully overcoming our garden woe’s…..naturally!


  1. Collin Abedi says:

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  2. Steve says:

    I didn’t have luck with any grape so I stopped caring for them. they grew for 2 years and then I tried again they took off like wild. So don’t give up completely You may get a great surprise

  3. Robbie says:

    It is good to know, it is not just me! we were pretty sad, too. I’ve been waiting for the past few years. They looked lovely until the same thing happened. I cleaned off all the ones that were
    damaged and it seemed to be doing well, however, the japanese beetles now are attacking them here in the midwest ( illinois). UGH….I’ll try again next year!

  4. Melissa says:

    Hello Michelle,

    We had the same thing happen to 2 of our apple trees. They flowered like crazy and set fruit than like over night a fungus hit.
    We use sulfur organic sulfur spray on them and the most important thing is to take of all the fruit and leaves off the vines and from the ground. Need to keep area really really clean.
    I don’t thing you need to prune the vines abck just clean up dead stuff
    Another thing you can do is check with your Master garderners at the extension service and they can give you more help about why and how come.

    I am a Master Gardner and I am always looking for extra help. LOL

    I live in NW corner of PA and we have had way to much rain this year and I am sure that had something to do with it. The month of May we had only 6 dry days and so far a wet June.

    I just now got my veggie garden all in.

    I think next year will be the banner year. I am hopeing the berry bushes produce heavy this year with all the wet.

    Good luck

  5. Michele says:

    See, stories like yours are exactly what what I’m talking about…I see them growing so effortlessly for a lot of people that could really care less about them, and I for the life of me, can’t get a berry…LOL…..and I LOVE them……So frustrating…Up close and personal, the vines are pretty sad right now…..All the berries that had set have pretty much fallen off at this point and are ‘skeletons’…My foliage may recover, but with no berries…what’s the point?! :) ha.

  6. Candi Lewelling says:

    OK…granted I’m old and eyesight failing, but the pics you posted didn’t look all that bad to me. Live in wet environ for most part (Pac. NW) and once lived where I had Concords planted by previous owner. I knew nothing. Never pruned except to keep them from invading seat under arbor. Never fed, sprayed, NOTHING! We had tons of grapes every year! I don’t know how old they were-older than 3yrs I assume-but they can put up with a lot of “abuse” from nature. FWIW

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