She’s a determined little thing. (my daughter)

And she refuses to just give up and let any plant that has an ounce of ‘green hope’, die.

From thinning the seedlings…..

We had to create a rescue unit for the spindly things I was just going to ‘toss’.

These were now Madeline’s responsibility to water and care for.

And I’ll be darned…she didn’t lose one of them.

She has them planted  in her garden bed and is quite proud of her efforts.

We’ve had a few garden casualties here recently due to wind, dog, cats, clumsy humans……. but instead of allowing me to just throw things in the compost bin and ‘move on’…she gets out her string and makeshift braces and goes about patching things up.   This little guy even got some special ‘mud glue’…to help keep things in place.

It too seems to be going strong.

Last year, I had an out of control patch of lemon mint that I was trying to contain, so I dug some of it up and was just about to toss it onto the compost pile when…….

Madeline comes running after me spouting her case as to why I should give it to her (mind you this bunch had been sitting out roots exposed all day long, dried up and wilted, so I thought it would just die off, anyway)…but she was adamant that she wanted to plant it by her mud bar…..smack dab front and center…(I tried to talk her out of the positioning, but she had her own ideas and sometimes you just have to let them do their thing)…she dug a hole, filled it with ‘mud’, and the mint…and pretty much just let it be…

well, this is now the front of her mud bar…it obviously didn’t die off and is flourishing. She insists that she loves it right there and will never admit that it’s now kind of in her way…she even makes a point to go on and on about how she loves smelling it and eating it while she’s playing there…….it’s hilarious…

Cheers to not giving up and doing what you can to keep things ‘growing’!


  1. Machelle says:

    what a sweet and kind hearted soul! i’m that way w/my few houseplants. i’ll try till the bitter end to keep them alive altho sometimes i lose the battle!

  2. Patti S. says:

    Cheers to your daughter for not giving up! I love the mint in front of her mud bar. Looks like she really has a green thumb. Good for her!

  3. Candi Lewelling says:

    I’m so impressed! I have several “volunteer” tomatoes coming up in last year’s pot. Maybe I’ll have to get them their own pot this year–the ones I thin out.

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