One (of the many) things I LOVE about my husband is that he can build anything and he’s what you would call ‘fast-acting’…….even if it’s just something you mention in passing….like one of those, “Gee, wouldn’t it be nice if” or “what if”….kind of things…(not gonna lie…I do play that card once in a while.**wink)

If it’s an idea that intrigues/excites him or he’s ‘in the mood’ or he’s looking for a mindless stress buster…..he’ll disappear, and the next thing you know he’s back with a prototype or something.

I can thank my mom for the latest ‘idea’…she mentioned she’d like to have a smaller rolling pin.

And guess what….in like 45 minutes he whipped up one of these little beauties.  They’re PERFECT.

One he created out of old maple flooring that he glued together.

The other one was made out of a piece of hedgewood…..

This one’s my favorite…(Maddie even helped him with this one)

and it’s for YOU, mom!

(I tried it out  last night to make sure it worked okay !) **grin…

Thanks Babe!  (hmmm… that I know that relic of a rusty lathe in your shop actually works…..::)

Cheers to ‘fast action’ on shared thoughts!!


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  2. michele beschen says:

    ..mamamurf….HA…don’t feel too badly for him..he gets oodles of credit and prefers his mysterious, behind the scenes stature…(heck, that’s the place to be if you ask me! :) I have to go about sneaking it in here and there because he asks that I not “talk about it with y’all”, “don’t share pictures of him”, etc, etc.:) LOL….all in good fun..
    he’s definitely a keeper…
    machelle…we like ‘chatty’ around here.

  3. Patti S. says:

    That rolling pin is beatuiful! Your hubby is certainly a keeper. I have a husband like that, too! He is a good guy!

  4. mamamurf says:

    Nice to see the “behind the scenes” guy getting some credit. ‘way to go JB!

  5. Machelle says:

    OK! it keeps saying that my comment is too short…try again! ha! that is a first! just want to say,”Cool!!”. i’m gonna hit submit and see if i talked long enough this time! lol!

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