When she was little, she always called them ‘seaberries’.

And they were one of her favorites….

She’s now excited to be growing her own.

(…….could someone please tell me how to stop my little sweet cheeks from growing up so fast — good grief…..)

I can’t stress enough how fun it is to get the kids in your life involved in edible gardening. ┬áIt connects them to where good food comes from (they can totally tell the difference in taste between fresh from the organic garden and conventional storebought) and it’s a delicious life skill that will reward them over and over again.

I love watching Madeline’s excitement with what’s growing, what’s ready to pick…priceless.

I also love how she can eat while she picks without worrying about chemicals and things….

Even if it’s just a bucket on the balcony with one edible plant growing in it…

Cheers to kids in the garden and a fantabulous weekend, everyone!


  1. Meghan says:

    My daughter LOVES strawberries:) definitely loves gardening it a great way to get the kids outside.

  2. Kattya says:

    In our garden it’s all about the herbs and the tender young leaves of kale.
    My baby (she’s six years old, but I’m in complete denial) sits down by a pot of oregano, or cilantro, hugs it like she would one of her friends and munches away.
    It’s indeed lots of fun, and specially rewarding for one’s soul to see the seeds we’re sowing for the future are happily sprouting (I’m talking about our babies). Thanks for this post.

  3. Candi Lewelling says:

    There’s a BIG difference between fresh from the garden organic and store-bought! Home grown is waaaaaaayyy better! Apartment living has drastically cut down on the amount I can grow, but I grow what I can!

  4. Patti S. says:

    What a sweet daughter you have! I agree, nothing like fresh produce out of the garden. You cannot beat it! Have a wonderful weekend!

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