I know. I say it all the time.

“Make a mess.”  “Play with it.”  “Don’t be afraid to experiment.”

My daughter obviously takes this to heart.

Her ‘office’ here at our office is in what you would call a continual state of creative distress….. (as is mine, but this isn’t about that……)

This morning, I was going to offer up the space to Chad’s daughter, Ryer, who was hanging with him, but discovered one messy experiment after another and INSTEAD marked off the area with CAUTION tape.

Yep, as colorful as it looked, I determined it a much too ‘dangerous’ environment for an almost 2 year old.

Good grief.  Every surface was filled with one unruly I-spy game after another.

How many ways can one cut clay, exactly?

There have to be a million different bits of clay, crayon shavings, and who knows what else scattered about.

How many ‘inorganic’ things can you spy?

I did make mention of it to her after school and (within minutes, mind you) she came running to tell me to tell Chad that he could bring Ryer back with him on Monday because she ‘cleaned’ things up.  (It looks like she even rearranged) So, there you go Chad.  (She also cleaned up the floor in your office.) I do however use the term ‘clean’ loosely.

She looked to be very busy with another clay cuttin’ session when I left…….

I have to admit..I too have some of my own ‘danger zones’ and if anyone were to go in there with a camera, I’d…………..well, you know.

Plus, when a kid makes a mess it’s somehow ‘cuter’…a testament to their imaginative busyness, their freedom of creative expression, their colossal collecting skills, their conscientious effort to repurpose and recycle!    ……………. right?!?

What’s your mess look like?

Cheers to a great weekend, all!


  1. dean sanna says:

    Hi Michele,

    I bought some seeds for my garden and in the box was this publication, Homesteading, with your article Back to Basics. Your article inspired me and woke up many memories of my Mountain decade in Colorado. I felt the call to get simple and reconnect with Lady Gia. I really felt connected to your message and I wanted to thank you for your work and clarity.

    I spent 13 years in the Southern Colorado Mountains, in Pagosa Springs , where I built a home, drilled a well, and raised my sweet daughter Sarah. My appreciation for Mother Nature and the Great Outdoors was rekindled. Life was difficult yet immensely rewarding. We all felt so alive and grateful.

    Living at 7500 feet, in snow country, forced us to get simple. I know from all those years living closer to mother Earth, that less is more. Creating a supportive caring community of friends was very special. We learned to share what we knew about everything, just so we could thrive and survive.

    You are so right about going Back to Basics. We have lost our cultural and spiritual roots. My grand parents lived in Northern Wisconsin where knowing how to garden, fix your car and refrigerator was essential. My days in Colorado seemed epic. A real adventure. I remembered my weeks by the essential activities that must get accomplished not what TV show I watched. We had wood week, or garden prep week, where all the neighbors worked communally to help each other get their chores done. Life was being lived to it’s fullest.

    I felt a connection to your work Michele and I am here to support your efforts. If i can be of service in any way please let me know. It is time to connect and create conscious communities that see the value in simple, healthy living. I wish you continued success. If you have a chance to visit my site and would like to chat, please write or call me anytime. sacredspaceoutdooradventures.com

    Be well Dean 971-221-4797

  2. donna a grimm says:

    not to worrie,my shop looks like uhm,,,,,,,,,,,,,,well i’m am sorting old jeans to start a couple of rag bankets…at the end of a wishing well for my daugthers shower……..and i have my big shot looking at me-crying come back,come back.i spent some time making tags for a thank you,with roses of paper/with a glass heart and lable.a couple of things to do next.but my thinking is NO WORRIES ……LOL

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