Dinner and homework can wait.

“It’s about time you guys got here…”

We were a bit late getting home from work as usual but instead of heading straight into the house, maddie and I ditched our bags under the tree and headed  towards the pond.

There was something we needed to investigate.

“Was it our  mischievous friend the beaver”, we whispered?

Don’t think so…it’s behavior was a bit odd for a beaver.

Beavers are very focused, task oriented little buggers and generally just keep on working…this thing was more interested in playing, dancing, flipping, twirling, and just kind of hanging out in one spot out in the middle of the pond.

And it looked to have a flat, pointy edge … I think

Watched it for a very long time, but couldn’t get close enough and it never revealed enough of itself above the water…still a mystery…..grass carp maybe?

Maddie thought she could reel it in with her fishing pole…….

Very serious business, you know.

Enough of that…let’s look for frogs instead…much easier to catch.

There sure are some very innovative, handy creatures out there.  Anybody home?….wonder who the builder of this lovely, lumpy abode is….

While Madeline filled up my pockets with muddy snail shells (which come to think of it..are still in my pocket lying on the bedroom floor…), I snapped silly photos of the still barren trees…

Can’t decide if I like this shot positioned normally

or flipped

Actually…..I think I like it like this

Some. thing

about those bare branches

against the sky

that catches my eye,

every. time.

A quick stop off at the hot pink monkey bars that match absolutely nothing else in the yard….they do however go very nicely with her shirt…

“Sure glad grandpa built these for me”…she shouts. “Wanna see me jump to the fourth bar?”

Maybe I should paint some of the patio furniture pink.  Maddie would love that.

Need to drop everything and head down the hill more often….quick, late night dinner wasn’t the greatest, but it sure was a good way to close the day.

What did you do after work today?



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