Between building booths, creating projects, event presentations, and nurturing seedlings..I haven’t been able to squeeze in much computer time….but it’s definitely been one heck of a  fun-filled week!

We had a fabulous time at the Natural Living Expo this weekend.  Jon and Chad did a bang-up job of getting our booth all set and ready — it was definitely a good representation of who we are and how we do things so it made it an ‘organic’ place for us all to hang for a couple of days.

(I always joke about how I’m a bit of a hermit/recluse…and as much as I do LOVE to retreat to my quiet, peaceful digs of home and work; I also really enjoy getting out amongst the crowds on occasion and meeting new people and reacquainting with familiar faces.) Had a great time chatting with the folks at the Back to Basics Stage, sharing ideas, talking about projects, hearing the things they too are doing….When Nature Calls is one of my favorite presentations right now for some reason and I always get excited about sharing it.

To help people take action on some gardening efforts at their own homes, ‘Thrive’ was generous enough to share their natural product with the first 1000 who stopped by our booth..we gave away an heirloom seed kit courtesy of Eldorado Heirloom Seeds…my mom and all of us enjoyed chatting up ‘growing’, ‘building’, and all kinds of natural goodness with everyone while my daughter madeline kept things busy at the mud bar….

All in all…Gr8 event.

(There was also one of those ‘flash mob’ thingies…a hip-happenin’ trend I guess that I’m obviously way behind on…)

Other fun things I’ve been playing around with…

scrap rugs

scrap bed

scrap headboard

scrap lamp….can you sense a theme here?

scrappy side tables….with a touch of  nature

natural accessories

and much more……

(YES, I will most certainly be sharing more deets and all the how-to lowdown on all the above mentioned projects and then some…)

but I’ve got to tend to some work in the garden first — which is where I’m headed to next….

Cheers to all the meetin’, greetin’ and makin’ that’s been going on in YOUR life…

Life is good.  Let us all enjoy (or at the very least make the most of) every moment.


  1. Niki @maisonmutt says:

    I just so happened to “rescue” (dumpster dive) some fabric books. With the approval of the local interior decorator who just threw out at least 75 fabric books, I hopped in and grabbed. I sew for a living and have to say I just love fabric..even if I can’t use it for my business, well I just couldn’t let those beautiful pieces go to the dump. So home it came (my hubby just smiled). NOW I KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH THEM!!! Yay! Thank you michele!

  2. Tiffany Marr says:

    Looks like a great event- wish I could have been there :) Cool projects too- I look forward to them being shared!
    Thanks for all the work you do!

  3. Patti S. says:

    It looks like you had a fun time! Your projects that you have been working on are stunning! You are an inspiration to this gal who isn’t very DIY(at least with wood). You make me want to try them all! Thanks. I hope you enjoy the Springtime!
    Patti S.

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