The blackbirds at this time of year are gathered together in shockingly large numbers.

It’s incredible to see them literally FILL an entire tree or field.

They ALL gather on rooftops and as you exit the door, the sound they make as they all take off for flight at once is absolutely amazing.

On my drive into the studio the other morning, they lined the road..and I tried to capture what I saw as I proceeded to travel through their early morning celebration.

In simpleton terms…it was pretty. darn. cool.

As spring progresses, they tend to disperse and go their separate ways…we have to grab moments like these when we can.

Cheers to enjoying the sights and sounds around you at any given time.


  1. Jamie Smith says:

    Awesome pictures! We don’t have Blackbirds in my Alaska location, but we do have their cousin the Raven. Now those are some BIG black birds! These comical guys are unofficially deemed the ‘teenagers of the bird world’ for their crazy antics – such as skipping across the parking lot, getting into ANYTHING in the back of a pick-up truck whether it’s food or not, and Heaven help you if you leave the window open on your truck or car! They’ll duck inside and haul out whatever interests them. Ravens are really cool birds, and we’re fortunate our home is surrounded by forest. Two or three years ago, I was outside in the evening and heard one or two of them calling to each other. As I listened and watched the sky, I realized there were several more headed my direction. They were calling to each other, alerting others along the way, and finally gathering in the trees on our property North of us for the night. Once the entire group was assembled, all were silent…not a single peep. The same thing occurred each evening for two weeks or so. As winter approached, they left to inhabit another area until Spring, then we started seeing them again. Ravens are only one of the reasons we enjoy living in the woods…. in Nature.

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