360 seeds planted thus far and we’re just getting started. My  husband Jon helped me get some of our seeds started over the weekend..(his involvement in our gardening efforts grows every year and it’s fun to watch because let’s just say, it isn’t an area he ever had any experience with growing up and it’s all kind of ‘new’ to him. Little by little, season after season, he gets more and more excited…and I’m not not gonna lie, it’s also nice to share the whole experience with someone…even if he does ask a lot of questions and needs a lot of direction…:) ha.

Over the past few days he’s said at least a dozen times….’man, that smells good’.

…When we were planting

…When we’re misting the soil

….When he walks by the trays

He’s referring to the smell of the ‘dirt’…

And I have to admit, the smell of fresh ‘dirt’ does brighten the spirits & boosts moods…gardening has that effect, no doubt about it.

He was also fascinated with how those tiny, tiny seeds actually turn into something so productive.  I too find it all pretty wondrous.

Looking forward to seeing it all grow and we’re in the process of finally mapping out some pretty exciting plans for turning the green space next to our studio into a teaching garden/edible schoolyard this year.  Between home and work, we’re striving to make productive use out of every little bit of ground we own.

Cheers to gardening…and the endless ways it’s beneficial to our health and well-being.

(please excuse my ‘cocktail’ gardening stand…just noticed I got a little Jack Daniels in on things….that little flea market find has proven to be a pretty handy over the years!)


  1. Andrea says:

    I finally have a house perfect with a yard for a garden! I live in NJ and in the past have only grown simple things in pots like herbs and such. This year, I want to build a small garden (expanding each year) starting with seeds. Is there any first timer advice you can send my way like recommending a brand of seeds?

  2. Carol says:

    And what’s even more exciting to me is when the first little baby stalks and leaves start to peek through the soil. Success!

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