I was just saying to my mom the day after Christmas that we needed to get our garage cleaned up……..it was starting to look like an episode of hoarders in there.

Only……I didn’t get it done in time.

Came home yesterday and saw a couple of packages sitting inside the door.

Good Grief…that meant the mailman SAW the state of our garage at the moment.

SOOO embarrassed…the kind where your face immediately turns red and hot and you dwell on the embarrassment for several hours.

not to mention…I don’t think it smelled the best..the recycling bin and a brown paper sack full of ‘compostables’ were right inside the door….cool, huh?

I want to run across the street to the post office this morning and explain our situation to him….you know…the aftermath of Christmas celebrations…a recent clean-up of Madeline’s room that resulted in bags of goodies that need to find their way to Goodwill….props from our last shoot……….

blah, blah, blah…who am I kiddin’…a mess is a mess.

Certainly can’t be the first messy garage he’s seen, right?

Maybe he didn’t even notice…Maybe he just laid the packages on the floor and didn’t look up….the guy is usually in quite a hurry.

Regardless….guess what I’m doing after work today?!

Yep…cleaning the garage and THEN I’m going to ship myself a few things that won’t fit in the mailbox so that he can come back for another drop off and see it NEAT & TIDY! ┬áThat’ll fix it! :)

What’s your latest, embarrassing, ‘caught in a mess’ moment?

CHEERS to doing a better job of keeping things picked up in the new year and cutting down on the STUFF in our lives!


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  3. michele beschen says:

    Maybe nobody even noticed the dead mouse, Kara! lol….That’s hilarious…I think you may have me beat on that one! All the more reason we must maintain our sense of humor at all times! CHEERS!

  4. michele beschen says:

    Always nice to know I’m not alone! I get caught in messes all the time, it seems. Between the shop, the office and the house….it’s hard to stay on top of things 24/7. And, you’re right Carah…no one ever pops in unexpectedly when things are in order…it’s always when we have a big mess on our hands, isn’t it?…all I can do is laugh…and then get cleaning! LOL…A tidy space is definitely a happier space, for me! Cheers, and thanks for sharing, all!

  5. Carah says:

    While transitioning from Poland back to the US, my partner put his place up for sale. We would always make sure the place was spick-and-span before people came to see it, but one day our door bell rang unexpectedly and some neighbors (who were renting in another building) wanted to see the place. I wanted to die because it was all in a state of normal living chaos. If I have people come over, the house is staged….but it can be a bit of a mess during “normal hours”. Oh well :)

  6. Tiffany says:

    My husband just cleaned our storage area in the basement and has decided that I do have hoarding issues! I have to admit, if I happen upon an item that is trash to one person but I still find use in it, I do struggle with letting it go. It was a mess, which, unfortunately, was my fault. It had become my holiday dumping ground, sometimes I was simply opening the door just to throw something in…oh well, it’s all organized now!

  7. DONNA GRIMM says:


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