DANG…I love to give stuff away, but I hate having to single out winners.  I wish I had enough made up for everyone, but that’s never how it goes, SOOOOO I let the guys pick our first round of winners.  They’re fresh off a school visit we did a few days back, so it looks like the ‘kids’ comments won out on this one. (remember though…they’re easy to create, so grab the how-to here and you can make as many as you want!)


I love this idea. I have an eight year old son who chooses to wear neckties at least 3 or 4 times a week since he was 2! It is almost impossible to find great ties for little boys. I’m going to have to try this out with ties for him.
Thanks for such a great idea!

Grey Tie Winner: JANELLE

These ties are really cool! My 14 yr old son said he would even wear it to school! Anytime I can get him to wear anything besides a t-shirt is a WIN in my book! (Which is why I would love to have one!)
Thanks for sharing this great idea Michelle!

I’ll be shooting you both an e-mail to get your mailing addresses and we’ll pop these guys in the mail on Monday.

CONGRATS, CONGRATS, CONGRATS…Wear ’em PROUDLY…..and THANK YOU to EVERYONE who played along….LOTS MORE to give away over the next few weeks, so keep playin’ everyone!



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