Hello! Dave here.
… So I was given the task to “blog about myself” in the ongoing employee-blog-series, so here I am. Part three of three.

Where do I start? I guess I could start with what I do here at SMI-

In short, my job description:
– Blogger (today only)
– Videographer (when Chad is out)
– Video Editor (when Zach’s got too much stacked up)
– Photographer
– Photo Editor
– Graphic Designer

– Web Developer / Programmer
– Audio Engineer (Recording / Editing / Mastering)
– Broadcast Engineer
– Computer Technician
– Dish Washer

Favorite things about my job:
– Getting to do a million different jobs. I love troubleshooting and making things. Doing both of those across several different forms of media is always enjoyable.
– Learning! Learned PHP on the job in 2 weeks. Javascript, 2 days (watched video tutorials in double time :) ULTRA nerdcore!)
– Doing DIY everyday!

What I do on Lunch:
– Read www.smashingmagazine.com blog (a blog for web design hipsters)
– Twitter (@DSMfreelancer)
– Read http://www.toothpastefordinner.com/
– Listen to awesome music!  … or if you ask anyone else in the office “strange indie music” (such as Sufjan Stevens, Decemberists, Fanfarlo, Fleet Foxes, Beirut, etc.)
– Get creative with food. (side note: please sign my petition to get work a new hot-plate)

What I do in my spare time:
– Run my co-owned business Save Deth, which is a lifestyle brand (clothing, publications, yoyos, and more)
– YoYo (WHAT? Yoyo? I thought that was only cool 10 years ago? Check this out for explanation.)
– Play Hockey (roller hockey that is, because I’m not cool enough to play ice)
– Unicycle (my wife gave me an off-road-unicycle for our first anniversary. Ya, she’s awesome!)
– Freelance (video/photo/web/wedding || Check out www.theweddingformat.com and www.desmoinesfreelancer.com)
– Polaroid Photography

And the correct answer is – “d. Dave doesn’t actually have any spare time”

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